ENEXIO Water Technologies And The US Based Contract Manufacturer Hagbros Precision Start Partnership

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Wettringen (Germany) – May 5, 2021 – ENEXIO Water Technologies, leading German company in water and waste water treatment solutions, is proud to announce a partnership with the US based contract manufacturer Hagbros Precision. This partnership will accelerate ENEXIO Water Technologies’ growth in the U.S. market.

Hagbros Precision, located in Austin, Texas, is in an ideal position to join forces with ENEXIO as a strategic partner. With years of experience in customer-focused solving of engineering and production challenges, Hagbros will lead ENEXIO Water Technologies’ manufacturing, distribution, and installation of their line of water treatment components in the USA.

Due to the decreasing supply of water, millions of people in the United States, especially in the West, are projected to have a water shortage in the coming months as well as in the foreseeable future. ENEXIO Water Technologies will help solve these problems by providing technical solutions for, among others, municipal projects, irrigation, and aquaculture. System expansions, modernization of water / wastewater treatment plants and design improvements of new constructions will be achieved by using ENEXIO fills and technical expertise. ENEXIO Water Technologies delivers solutions especially for highly efficient sedimentation processes as well as for energy-efficient, simple to operate, easy to maintain biological treatment (high performance trickling filters).

Combining Hagbros’ manufacturing expertise with the knowledge of ENEXIO Water Technologies in process and product design is expected to serve the customers with innovative solutions, high quality products and improved delivery times.

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About ENEXIO Water Technologies

Within the ENEXIO group ENEXIO Water Technologies is the expert for water, wastewater and air treatment and for cooling tower components. For more than 40 years, we have been planning, developing and manufacturing structured packings and lamella packs for biological and chemical/physical processes in water and wastewater plants, fish farming, bio and gas scrubbers, cooling towers and for air humidifying and cooling of stables. We see ourselves as a global service provider, who advises and supports industrial and municipal customers in the process design, engineering, and optimization of their plants in above-mentioned applications.

Learn more at www.enexio-water-technologies.com.

About Hagbros Precision, LLC

Founded in 2011 by the Haggerty Family, Hagbros Precision grew into one of the most successful manufacturers in the Austin, Texas region due to its successful implementation of a variety of different manufacturing capabilities and a sense of urgency that our customers demand. Being an AS9100 & ISO 9001 certified company, we service a wide variety of industries from Aerospace to Semiconductors, Construction, Energy, Transportation and Resource management. Hagbros Precision has won several industry recognition awards over the years and is poised to provide critical support and engage in collaborations with companies that are innovators and leaders in their respective fields. Moreover, we are especially passionate about partnering with companies and engaging in their projects that help protect our world’s natural resources while helping such companies to thrive and grow.

Learn more at: www.hagbros.com.

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